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Content creation

Streamline email development 

Email code is different from websites. Parcel is built to handle its unique intricacies with features that know email. Eliminate guesswork and stop manually formatting code.

Content creation
Content creation background

Code editor that knows emails

Collaborate with real time editing and build with features like emmet, auto-complete, Can I Email data, and plain text support.

Build faster with components

Organize code in reusable blocks and create attributes, use conditional statements, and loop over data.

Responsive emails with MJML

Officially listed as a supported editor for creating responsive emails using this framework.

Preview and test your email

Preview and test your email

Test your email campaign with over 80 email clients and devices, including dark mode.

Analytics beyond simple opens

Analytics beyond simple opens

Get information like read time, email client breakdown, and demographic information such as where your subscribers are based.

Automatically generate AMP from HTML

Automatically generate AMP from HTML

Email superpowers to load dynamic content, build entire forms, or even include a checkout experience.

Spam assassin

Evaluate accessibility issues

Integrate Deque University's Accessibility rules to easily evaluate emails for accessibility issues and best practices.

Approvals + feedback

Collaborate with your entire team  

Email is a team sport. Shorten the amount of time marketers, developers, and designers spend. Parcel's unlimited reviewer feature lets everyone annotate, share comments, and approve emails.

Unlimited reviewers

Invite your team and external stakeholders to approve or request changes on any email.

Track comments

Give detailed feedback and leave comments for all stakeholders to review.

Change requests

With pending changes requested, important feedback won't be missed.

Final sign-off

Don't wonder about the state of the email; get a definitive approval for an email.

Free tools + Resources

Enhance your email coding 

Parcel’s free tools and resources make creating great emails accessible to anyone. From calendar link generators to a tool that creates a scrolling GIF of your email, creators everywhere lean on Parcel for their email needs, no matter how niche.

Calendar link generator

Generate links to add an event to popular calendar services.

Generate ICS

EML viewer

View the email hidden inside any EML file.

Upload EML file

Mailto link generator

Create links with subject, body, cc, and bcc.

Generate link

Scroll my email

Create a scrolling GIF of your email.

Generate GIF

Email ipsum generator

Generate lorem ipsum for your email designs.

Generate ipsum

Parcel Unpacked 2.0

A two-day, completely immersive virtual conference made for the developer, marketer, or strategist looking to dive deep into all things email. Coding sessions, career development panels, and email design systems to help you with fresh ideas for email campaigns in 2024–and beyond.

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Parcel is hands-down the best product in the email space right now.

Dylan Smith
Dylan SmithDesign Engineer

Parcel encompasses all my favorite features from Dreamweaver, VS Code, and Chrome DevTools in one online editor.

Kitt Mattison
Kitt MattisonMarketing Automation Manager
Bilt Rewards

Of all the tools I use regularly, Parcel is the one I would be kicking and screaming about if you tried to take it away from me.

Sean Collins
Sean CollinsVP of Growth Marketing
Risk.Ident GmbH

I recently stumbled upon Parcel editor and I was blown away by the UX and quality.

Aslam Shah
Aslam ShahSenior Javascript Developer

Switching from Dreamweaver I found a lot of common features we had been looking for, plus a whole lot more specific to email development. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking at a code editor made for email!

Jay Oram
Jay OramHead of Development

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