Automated email that's as easy as signing up for your app.

Keep your users coming back.

Make the most of all the work you're doing to acquire new users, instead of letting them slip away before they even get to know you.

Automate marketing emails for your web and mobile apps, SaaS, and subscription services. Simplify the relationship building process.

Your job isn’t over after people sign up for an account.

Engagement-driven products don’t run on batch-and-blast coupon codes. Say hello to the fine-tuned control you need to automate emails at scale, but still feels personal.

Map customer emails directly to your sales funnel with Leverage real-time app data and events to segment and personalize with precision.

Send automated emails that boost trust, conversions, and retention—all without having to bother developers or deal with pesky CSV files.

Keep people coming back with nurturing messages, converting users to happy customers.

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Convert users to customers

Nurture people through successes to persuade them to subscribe and stick around.

Spur conversions when the opportunity strikes, based on behavior or trial periods.

Maximize retention

Customer retention efforts are less expensive than acquisition. Keep more customers and reduce churn.

Prevent inactivity, win back and re-engage users, and react before you lose them.

Target your promotions

Send automated emails that matter to precise segments of people and boost the effectiveness of your promotions.

From upsells, offers, and engaging updates, you're in control of reaching the right people at the right time.

" allowed us to easily set up automated email drip campaigns that increase the activation rate of new signups and, ultimately, our bottom line."
Steven Klein
CEO at StatusPage
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"It’s about when the timing is right for someone to take a course. Assigning a specific stage to any prospective student is really easy to set up in"
Justin Cudmore
Growth at Thinkful
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