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Every paid plan includes

  • No limits on data stored per profile.
  • Email support with a 94% happiness rating from our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You charge for profiles. What is a profile?

Everyone with a unique ID in your account counts towards the total number of profiles in your account at any one time.

What happens if I have more profiles than are included in my plan?

You will be charged a metered rate for the total number of profiles in your account. Each plan specifies the rate for additional profiles.

You charge for messages. What is a message?

A message is an email or a Webhook action. Webhook actions can be anything from a push notification to a postcard. (Learn more about webhook actions here.)

What happens if it would be less expensive for me to be on a higher plan?

We will automatically upgrade you, so you pay the lowest price possible for your usage.

What happens if I send more emails and messages than allocated in my plan?

We charge $0.12 per thousand additional messages sent beyond your plan.

What if I want to use my own email provider?

You definitely can! We won't charge you for emails sent. Here's how that works.

Do you offer discounts?

No. We want to charge our customers fairly and consistently. In the past we've offered discounts but we're phasing them out. Everyone will get the same fair deal.

What if I pay for a year up front?

Awesome. We'll invest that money today to make the service better. As our thanks, we'll give you 12 months of service for the price of 11 months if you pre-pay for a year. Email us after you sign up and we'll get you set up on Annual Billing.

Can I use with more than 500,000 profiles in my app / site?

Yes, the service will currently scale into the 10s of millions. Your unit costs will get lower and lower when you have more profiles in Contact our onboarding team to learn more.