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2.x Releases

1.x Releases

    • 1.0.0

      code changes


      • android updates in package (#13) (b708fce)
      • android: package updates (e87c6eb)
      • android: setup config with initialization (e915343)
      • creating customerio react native package (#1) (2d2bdae)
      • device attributes and other configurable properties (#4) (bd79d96)
      • identify and clear user identity (#2) (4430b66)
      • in-app functionality in react native package (488c0c0)
      • update package version (8526a69)
      • updated to android sdk 3.0.0-alpha.2 (91978d7)
      • updating ios sdk version in podspec (1b1c26f)
      • user-agent updates in package (efff4fc)

      Bug Fixes

      • added support for android sdk 3.1.0 (44a1b91)
      • change in way to update config in ios (#15) (8680b28)
      • initialized sdk from storage using context (e3e609a)
      • push notifications integration (#10) (5d7752d)
      • updating gist dependency version (9f8ac3f)