Update Flutter SDK

This page explains how to update the Flutter SDK to the latest version.

Assuming that you have followed the install instructions, this section covers the steps to take to successfully update the Customer.io Flutter SDK to the latest version.

  1. Inside of your pubspec.yaml, update the version of the Customer.io Flutter SDK (customer_io) to the latest version found here.
  2. If you followed the instructions for setting up push notifications on iOS and made modifications to your ios/Podfile, open your ios/Podfile file and make the following updates:
# For every line of code that contains 'pod CustomerIO...', update the version number. 

# Here is an example.

# Before: 
target 'App' do
  pod 'CustomerIO/MessagingPushFCM', '~> ...'

# After: 
target 'App' do
   # 2.13.1 is the latest version at the time of writing.
   # Install the latest version found here: https://github.com/customerio/customerio-ios/releases/latest
  pod 'CustomerIO/MessagingPushFCM', '~> 2.13.1'

# Note: You may need to update multiple lines of code in your `Podfile`, not just one. 

Important: After updating your ios/Podfile, run the command: pod update --repo-update --project-directory=ios from the root directory of your Flutter app. You should see a message Pod installation complete! when the update is finished.

  1. You have successfully updated the Customer.io Flutter SDK! Try to compile your app and see if you encounter any issues. If you do, please send our support team an email at win@customer.io. In your message, include the following files:
  • ios/Podfile
  • pubspec.yaml
  • ios/Podfile.lock

Also, copy the output of the pod update --repo-update --project-directory=ios command.

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