Use your Oracle Dyn Account

You can use your Oracle Dyn account to send email through with no loss in functionality. To take advantage of Oracle Dyn, you need to do two things:

  1. Point Oracle Dyn’s webhooks at
  2. Configure Oracle Dyn as a custom SMTP server in

Point Oracle Dyn’s webhooks at

  1. Go to the Oracle Dyn Integrations page.

  2. Add the following webhook URLs for every domain you want to send mail from in If your account is in the EU region, substitute in the URLs below.

    • Bounce Postback URL:
    • Spam Complaint Postback URL:
      Example Webhook Config
      Example Webhook Config
  3. In the Custom X-Headers section at the bottom of the page, add X-CIO-Email-ID.

    Example X-Header config
    Example X-Header config

Create your SMTP API Credentials

If you don’t have your credentials handy, find your account on the Oracle Dyn Users Page page, select your user account, and update your SMTP password. This integration uses port 587. If you need to use a different port, you should use a custom SMTP integration.

Set a SMTP password
Set a SMTP password

Save or copy your new password. You will need it to configure Oracle Dyn as your SMTP server in, and you can only access it once!

Configure custom SMTP settings

Before you begin, you need your SMTP password. If you don’t have your SMTP password, you can generate a new one.

  1. Go to Settings > Workspace Settings.

  2. Click Email, click Custom SMTP Settings, and then click Add Custom SMTP Server.

    Custom SMTP settings page
    Custom SMTP settings page

  3. Select Oracle Dyn and click Continue to set up.

  4. If you haven’t set up webhooks yet, copy the URL on the Set up webhooks tab and then set up webhooks to report message metrics in

  5. Click Add Credentials and enter your Oracle Dyn credentials.

    Adding one custom SMTP server.png
    Adding one custom SMTP server.png

  6. Click Finish set up. Your account is now set up to send email through Oracle Dyn. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

 Configure multiple servers to use both transactional and broadcast streams

If you have a Premium plan, you can configure multiple custom SMTP servers and assign one to each of your Oracle Dyn server types.

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