Resend past data

PremiumThis feature is available on our Premium and Enterprise plans.

How it works

Imagine that you’ve sent source data to an analytics platform for six months. Now you want to move to a new platform—it might have features you need or just aligns better with your business needs. Do you really have to start fresh in your new analytics platform? What happens to that six months of data?

That’s what the Resend past data feature is for: it lets you send old data from your source to a new destination, so that you don’t have to start from scratch when you add a new destination or switch from one destination to another.

We store source data forever (or for as long as you want us to) so that you can access it and replay your data at new destinations on demand.

 Data Replay is available in Premium or Enterprise plans

We only resend past data beginning after you start a premium or enterprise plan. If you think you might want to replay your data over new destinations at any point, you should be on a premium or enterprise plan.

How to resend data

Contact us! For now, you’ll have to let us know when you want to resend past data, and how far back you want to go.

  1. Set up your new destination.

  2. Double-check the actions for the new destination. Make sure that your past data works with the triggers and mappings for your destination.

  3. Contact and let us know that you want to resend data.

In the future, you’ll be able to resend data on your own!

What destinations can I send past data to?

You can resend data to any new destination, but you’ll need to make sure that actions for the new destination support the source event(s) you care about. For example, if you capture group events, but your new destination doesn’t have a concept of groups, then those events won’t apply or get mapped to your new destination.

How long does it take to resend my data?

The time that it takes to resend data depends on:

  • The volume of data: how many events you want to send to your new destination.
  • Rate limits for the destination.

    If your destination has a rate limit of 1000 events per second and you have a million events, then it’ll take at least 16 minutes and 40 seconds to resend your data after we start the operation.

  • The total load on during the resend operation.

    We process data with some elasticity. If it’s a busy day at, it may take a little longer to resend your past data than it would on a slow weekend.

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