Wisepops Destination

About this integration

Wisepops helps you deliver a personalized experience to your visitors through popups, bars, embeds, and notification feeds. When you use the Wisepops destination, Customer.io loads Wisepops on your website for you. This helps you target your users based on their traits or events, display personalized messages, and track the revenue generated by your campaigns—all without significant development resources.

Getting started

  1. Go to the Data Pipelines tab and click Connections.

  2. Click Add New under Destinations.

  3. Select the Wisepops destination.

  4. (Optional) Select the sources that you want to connect to this destination. You can always connect sources to your destination later. We’ll only show you eligible sources.

  5. Configure your destination.

    1. Website Id: The identifier of your Wisepops' website. You can find it in your setup code on Wisepops.
  6. Click Enable Destination.


When you’re done setting up your destination, you can go to the Actions tab to see how we map source events to your destination.

You may need to add actions for this destination

While we often have default triggers for actions, we don't always add those actions as defaults. You may need to add actions to make sure that you're sending all the data that you want to send to your destination. See our actions page for help setting up actions.

ActionDefault TriggerDescription
Set Custom Properties

type = “identify”

Define custom properties to let Wisepops target them in your scenarios.
Track Event

type = “track”

Send a custom event to Wisepops. Keep in mind that events are counted as page views in your Wisepops' monthly quota.
Track Goal

type = “track” and
event = “Order Completed”

Track goals and revenue to know which campaigns are generating the most value.
Track Page

type = “page”

Let Wisepops know when the visitor goes to a new page. This allows Wisepops to display campaigns at page change.
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