Talon.One Destination

About this integration

Talon.One helps you design customized and effective promotional and loyalty campaigns without significant development resources. The Talon.One destination leverages leverage your source data to identify your customers and gather event activity so you can support your customers through coupons, discounts, loyalty programs, referral tracking, geo-fencing, and bundling.

Getting started

  1. Go to the Data Pipelines tab and click Connections.

  2. Click Add New under Destinations.

  3. Select the Talon.One destination.

  4. (Optional) Select the sources that you want to connect to this destination. You can always connect sources to your destination later. We’ll only show you eligible sources.

  5. Configure your destination.

    1. Api Key: Created under Developer Settings in the Talon.One Campaign Manager.

    2. Deployment: The base URL of your Talon.One deployment.

  6. Click Enable Destination.


When you’re done setting up your destination, you can go to the Actions tab to see how we map source events to your destination.

You may need to add actions for this destination

While we often have default triggers for actions, we don't always add those actions as defaults. You may need to add actions to make sure that you're sending all the data that you want to send to your destination. See our actions page for help setting up actions.

ActionDefault TriggerDescription
Update Customer ProfileThis updates attributes and audiences for a single customer profile.
Track EventThis records a custom event in Talon.One.
Update Customer Profile V2You do not have to create attributes or audiences before using this endpoint.
Update Customer SessionsThis updates a customer session.
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