Qualtrics Destination

About this integration

Qualtrics is an experience management platform that helps you design and improve customer and employee experiences through listening, analysis and action. Our Qualtrics integration helps you gather richer insights and take action to improve relations with customers and employees based on your event data.

Getting started

  1. Go to the Data Pipelines tab and click Connections.

  2. Click Add New under Destinations.

  3. Select the Qualtrics destination.

  4. (Optional) Select the sources that you want to connect to this destination. You can always connect sources to your destination later. We’ll only show you eligible sources.

  5. Configure your destination.

    1. Api Token: Qualtrics API token found in your Qualtrics account under "Account settings" -> "Qualtrics IDs."

    2. Datacenter: Qualtrics datacenter id that identifies where your qualtrics instance is located. Found under "Account settings" -> "Qualtrics IDs".

    Setup your destination
    Setup your destination

  6. Click Enable Destination.


When you’re done setting up your destination, you can go to the Actions tab to see how we map source events to your destination.

You may need to add actions for this destination

While we often have default triggers for actions, we don't always add those actions as defaults. You may need to add actions to make sure that you're sending all the data that you want to send to your destination. See our actions page for help setting up actions.

ActionDefault TriggerDescription
Create and/or update contact in XM Directory

type = “identify”

Create and/or update contact in XM Directory. Updating is handled by contact deduplication in your directory settings. If deduplication is setup correctly this action will perform UPSERT operations on contacts
Upsert contact transaction

type = “track”, event = “Transaction Created”

Add a transaction to a contact in Qualtrics directory. If the contact already exists, add the transaction. If the contact does not exist, create the contact first, then add the transaction record.
Start a workflow in QualtricsThis action is used to kick off a workflow in Qualtrics
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