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About this integration

Cordial is a comprehensive marketing platform that helps businesses collect, normalize, and activate real-time data from anywhere within their technology stack. With this information, businesses can create and deliver tailored messages that flex and adapt to changing customer signals, improving engagement and satisfaction. This destination utilizes source data to add contacts and track cart activity, so you can message people with relevant data to maximize customer engagement and drive growth.

Getting started

  1. Go to the Data Pipelines tab and click Connections.

  2. Click Add New under Destinations.

  3. Select the Cordial destination.

  4. (Optional) Select the sources that you want to connect to this destination. You can always connect sources to your destination later. We’ll only show you eligible sources.

  5. Configure your destination.

    1. Api Key: Your Cordial API Key

    2. Endpoint: Cordial API endpoint. Leave default, unless you've been provided with another one. See more details

    3. Segment Id Key: Cordial string unique attribute key to store Segment User ID in (e.g. segment_id)

    Setup your destination
    Setup your destination

  6. Click Enable Destination.


When you’re done setting up your destination, you can go to the Actions tab to see how we map source events to your destination.

You may need to add actions for this destination

While we often have default triggers for actions, we don't always add those actions as defaults. You may need to add actions to make sure that you're sending all the data that you want to send to your destination. See our actions page for help setting up actions.

ActionDefault TriggerDescription
Create Contactactivity

type = “track” or
type = “page”

Create a new contact activity.
Upsert Contact

type = “identify”

Create or update a contact in Cordial.
Add Contact to List

type = “group”

Add contact to a list. If the list does not exist in Cordial it will be created.
Remove Contact from ListRemove Contact from Cordial List
Add Product to Cart

type = “track” and
event = “Product Added”

Add product to Cordial contact cart
Remove Product from Cart

type = “track” and
event = “Product Removed”

Removes product from Cordial contact cart
Upsert Order

event = “Order Completed” or
event = “Order Updated” or
event = “Order Refunded” or
event = “Order Cancelled”

Upserts order to Cordial
Merge Contacts

type = “alias”

Merge contacts in Cordial.
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