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How it works

We aim to release features early and often. Sometimes when we release new features, we’ll mark them as beta or experimental. In both cases, we think the features are stable and ready to use (though we can’t say that they’re bug-free), but we want your feedback!

Beta features are early releases of a features we’re actively working on. In general, we think beta releases are stable but they may not solve all the problems we want them to, or—in the case of our SDKs—may need scaled testing. In general, beta features are available to everyone in your workspace.

Experimental features are typically things that we hope improve our interface—and your experience with it. You have to enable experimental features for yourself. When you enable an experimental feature, you won’t affect anybody else in your workspace.

FeatureEnabledRange of effect
betaby request or automaticallyaccount-level (all workspaces)
experimentalmanually on the Experimental Features pageper user (all workspaces)

Experimental AI features

We’re working on features that use artificial intelligence (AI) to help you build messages and take advantage of some of the more advanced features of Customer.io. But AI is tricky and we want to make sure that you can use AI-enabled features responsibly at your discretion. So, in most cases, we’ll expose AI-based features alongside our other experimental features, where you can enable or disable them as you see fit.

With AI features, it’s important to note that we do not use your customer data to train AI models.

You’ll find experimental AI features in your account settings by clicking in the upper-right corner of Customer.io and going to Experimental features. If you’re an administrator and you want to disable AI features for all members in your account, contact us at win@customer.io.

We currently offer the following AI features:

AI generative
AI generative

Beta features

In the Customer.io UI, we generally release features as “beta” for two reasons:

  1. We’re actively soliciting your feedback to make sure that we built the best possible version of the feature to suit you.
  2. The beta feature is a completed part of a larger suite of features. We’re actively working on the suite and we want you to know that you can expect more changes.

Beta releases are typically stable. We’ve tested things before we’ve made them available to you. We just want you to know that a feature is new, may see minor changes going forward, and is likely something we’re expanding on. And we want to hear from you about these features! We want to build things that support your needs. If they don’t—or you know how we could do better—you should let us know!

Beta SDK releases

Beta SDK releases are releases that we’ve tested internally, and expect to release to release as a stable feature. We release betas to grant you access to the latest features and give you time to handle changes in your app before a stable release.

We recommend that you don’t use beta releases in your production apps unless specifically advised by Customer.io.

Enable or disable an experimental feature

When you enable an experimental feature, you enable it for yourself in every workspace that you have access to. You do not affect other users.

  1. In the upper right of the Customer.io interface, click and click Experimental features.

    Click the user icon to enable a feature
    Click the user icon to enable a feature

  2. Turn experimental features on or off.

    toggle features on or off
    toggle features on or off

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