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Guide To Better Email

Every now and then, you get an email you actually read. Something about the subject line makes you open it right away. And then for some reason, at the end, you find yourself clicking on the call to action—because whatever you just read, you want more of it.


From Churn To Earn - Keep Those Customers

Getting customers costs money—but keeping customers makes money. If you want sustainable revenue for growing your business, long term customer relationships are crucial. And to make it happen, you’ve got to build meaningful engagement from the start.


How Your Messaging Accelerates The Customer Lifecycle

To create real experiences between you and your customers, your messaging has to feel tailored to each individual user—who they are, how they use your product, and where they are in the customer lifecycle. Using behavioral data and marketing automation, you can craft really engaging messages that are specific in timing and in content to each user, all at scale.

trial For Developers

If you think marketers get to have all the fun, think again. Check out how can help engineering teams lighten their load by passing the messaging controls to marketing with our RESTful API (and numerous libraries to boot), webhooks, and custom SMTP.


Five Copy Templates For Your Welcome Emails

When your customer rings your bell, are you ushering them in for a long-term relationship? The right welcome email can turn a hesitant user into an enthusiastic guest, and a new customer into a lifelong family member.


Retention Power Tips Checklist

Here’s some simple math: keeping more customers means making more money. Now here’s some simple action: 12 things that will improve your customer retention rates immediately.


Welcome Email Webinar

If you run a subscription business, customer relationships are crucial. That's why your first impression is so important! Not only do welcome emails typically get high open and click rates, they impact future engagement with your business.


6 Ideas For Better Customer Onboarding And Why It Matters

You may have built the most spectacular product known to human-kind, but bringing customers into the fold is just as important. With high customer acquisition costs, and record low mobile retention rates, it's up to you to make sure customers keep coming back.